Contemporary What? An Introductory Tour

All grades and ages

Allow us to introduce you to contemporary art! This tour is focused on promoting visual literacy, innovative problem solving, and creative expression. Interdisciplinary in nature and designed with a focus on audience participation, this tour is great for first time visitors and those interested in a more loosely-structured guided visit.

Program Fee: $6 per student for up to 110 students.


• To provide visitors with a tour experience uniquely geared towards their interests.

• To introduce visitors to the fundamental ideas and themes of contemporary art.

• To help visitors build confidence around identifying, analyzing, or otherwise engaging with contemporary art.

• To provide visitors with the language for discussing, analyzing, and understanding works of art.

• To provide a platform for open inquiry, in which visitors can direct the focus of the discussion and spend more time or less time on particular art works or exhibitions.

For more information about Teacher and Student Programs, please contact Lorena Sferlazza, Education Assistant, at or 203.438.4519 extension 138.