Higher Education Tours

Tours and programs are designed to include an optional post-visit activity upon return to the classroom.

In addition to single visits, we welcome requests for multiple visits, sessions or seminars in our The Studio, and workshops with Museum educators, curatorial staff, and exhibiting artists.


Fee: $8 per student for up to 40 students

Through discussion and close observation of current exhibitions, students will:

For Writing/Humanities:

  • Write arguments to support claims using reasoning and visual evidence.
  • Draw connections between art, writing, and current issues.
  • Further develop creative writing skills, personal narrative, and written reflection, using contemporary art as inspiration.

For Art History/Museum Studies/Curatorial Studies:

  • Deepen understanding of art history as it relates to contemporary art practices.
  • Be exposed to the field of exhibition planning, organizational structure, installation handling, and curatorial studies.
  • Use visual reasoning and interpretation while problem solving.

For Studio Art/Design:

  • Be exposed to a variety of contemporary art processes and techniques.
  • Develop critical vocabulary for evaluating artwork in the context of historical and contemporary perspectives.
  • Gain skills needed to solve problems related to the student’s own studio practice.

For more information about Teacher and Student Programs, please contact Lorena Sferlazza, Education Assistant, at lsferlazza@aldrichart.org or 203.438.4519 extension 138.