Teachers’ Professional Development Days

Fees: $180 for up to 30 educators

Throughout the academic year, the Museum offers in-service sessions both at the Museum and in schools to teachers of all subjects and grade levels. Workshops focus on a range of cross-disciplinary topics, including addressing the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts, History/Social Studies, and Science, and creative strategies for arts integration in the classroom.

PDFs with specific details about each workshop are available for download on the right side of this page.

During the workshop, teachers will model best practices to look carefully at the art and objects, describe what they observe, draw inferences, and support their ideas with visual evidence, building language and literacy skills that can be used across subject areas to enhance students’ ability to learn and think critically.

For more information about Teacher and Student Programs, please contact Michelle Friedman, Head of Education and Academic Initiatives, at mfriedman@aldrichart.org or 203.438.4519 extension 146.