Special Events

Sotheby’s Tour

Posted 07/24/17

Sotheby’s will host a tour of Stephanie and Tim Ingrassia’s Connecticut home and art collection, followed by a lunch and conversation about collecting between Stephanie Ingrassia and Eric Diefenbach, The Aldrich’s Chairman of the Board, moderated by Nina del Rio, Senior Vice President, Sotheby’s, on Saturday, September 16, 2017.

For more information, or to reserve your place, please contact Jamie Pearl at jpearl@aldrichart.org or 203.438.4519, extension 118.

Special Events

New Limited Edition Jewelry by Beth Campbell

Posted 07/27/17

These pieces of conceptual jewelry mark Beth Campbell’s first time working in wearable art. Based on two of her mobiles, both currently on view at The Aldrich, My mother’s house (necklace), and You’ve really fucked up this time (earrings), they provide another form for her “drawings in space” focusing on the structure and lines from her Potential Future Drawings and Potential Past Drawings series. These are a diagrammatic exploration of the potential latent within everyday experience rendered in solid 14K gold. Both the earrings and necklace were produced in an edition of ten with one artist’s proof and a prototype.

For sales inquiries, please contact Lisa Ivorian-Jones at lisa@ivorianjones.com or 917.744.6787

Special Events

Participate in an Exhibition at The Aldrich!

Posted 07/26/17

Have you ever thought about the choices you make regarding the objects in your life? Why you have them, where you keep them, what they might mean to other people? Artist Anissa Mack does just that. Her work (re)considers the concept of everyday object versus art object, the value we place on items, and how we use, display, and encounter things in our lives.

The artist and the Museum invite the public to play a crucial role in Anissa Mack’s exhibition Junk Kaleidoscope, through the All’s Fair program. In All’s Fair participants will work directly with the artist, share their voice and vision, and collaborate with one another to re-install the objects in her exhibition in the Museum’s galleries. Additionally, participants will meet with Aldrich curator Amy Smith-Stewart.

This is an opportunity for everyone, all ages. No expertise needed, new perspectives very welcome