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Important Update

Please note: The Museum will be closed on September 19 for a Members-Only preview and September 20 for a private event.

The Studio

This space is used for the Museum’s public programming where visitors participate in courageous conversations and hands-on workshops with people from a diverse range of backgrounds including artists, educators, and each other. In addition, The Studio has drop-in hours where visitors of all ages can participate in self-directed art-making projects. The scale of The Studio allows for intimate and focused experiences catalyzed by the artists’ work and ideas present in the exhibitions.

The Studio is currently dedicated for visitors to view videos of work created by artists including performance, sound, conversation, and process.

The Studio is currently closed for art-making and public programs due to COVID-19. The space has been transformed into a temporary video screening room.

Madeline Hollander: Your Move

Madeline Hollander’s performance, “Your Move” is a site-specific work created in response to Eva LeWitt’s installation Untitled (Mesh A–J).

Madeline Hollander’s performance, “Your Move” is a site-specific work created in response to Eva LeWitt’s installation Untitled (Mesh A–J). The choreography presented a series of ten response-driven movement sequences designed for three dancers. Visitors were invited to come and go as they pleased throughout the performance while the choreography looped and evolved throughout the evening. “Your Move” was presented on Thursday, March 12 from 5 to 8 pm. Hollander is a New York-based artist whose work was included in the 2019 Whitney Biennial at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Original Musical Score is by Celia Hollander; Performers include Marielis Garcia, Lauren Newman, and Asami Tumida

Rudy Shepherd: Induction Ceremony

Projection of performance video on wall with black bench in front.

Video of Rudy Shepherd's "Induction Ceremony" performance on view in The Studio.

Rudy Shepherd performed Induction Ceremony on October 9, 2016 in Harlem's Jackie Robinson Park as part of The Studio Museum’s InHarlem series.

The video documentation shows Shepherd as The Healer, a numinous being inspired by Sun Ra, composer, musician, poet, and pioneer of Afrofuturism. The Healer interacts with a monumental public artwork by Shepherd, Black Rock Negative Energy Absorber, 2016, to an improvised score played by an experimental music collective. Shepherd’s performance signifies a spiritual healing, where destructive forces like racism, exclusion, and trauma are purged through empathy and positive energy.

Musicians include Christof Knoche on bass clarinet, Elia Einhorn on keys, Brian Alfred on guitar, and Ethan Meyer on drums. Video was shot by Liz Gwinn.

This performance video accompanies the current exhibition Rudy Shepherd: Somebody’s Child, a selection of watercolors chosen from Shepherd’s ongoing Portrait series depicting victims of police violence.


Generous support for Education and Public programs is provided by The Leir Foundation; Institute of Museum and Library Services; Anne S. Richardson Fund; Department of Economic and Community Development, Connecticut Office of the Arts; National Endowment for the Arts; Fairfield County Bank; Ridgefield Thrift Shop; The Gage Fund, New England Foundation for the Arts, and Connecticut Humanities.